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July 16, 2011

Radio Shack Pro-46 Factory Unlock

Filed under: Random — Tony @ 7:21 pm

This mod will give you access to several frequencies not in the Pro-46’s normal scanning range. It will require you to erase all currently entered frequencies, so I suggest that you write them down on paper *before* you begin this process.

Turn off the power.

While holding down the 2, 9, and L/Out keys, turn the power back on.

This will erase the currently entered frequencies, and input freq.s into the first 25 memories. Of particular interest are the freq.s in the following memories:

#14: 66.450
#15: 76.825
#16: 87.425
#23: 888.96

Each of these freq.s is outside of the normal scanning range of the unit. #14 and #16 are in the TV range, #15 is in the land mobile range, and #23 is in the cellular range.

To use any of these freq.s, first store them in a monitor memory,* then once you have reprogrammed your scanner you can place them into a regular memory. You can then use the manual scan feature to search through the ranges these frequencies give you access to. You still cannot enter frequencies in these ranges manually, but any freq. stored in a monitor memory can be transferred to a regular memory. Best of luck.

*To place into a monitor memory, open the squelch all the way (so you hear static) and push one of the arrow keys. This will start the manual scan feature, but the frequency should not change because the squelch is open. You can then press the Monitor button to store the freq.

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