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February 22, 2009

Switched to Elastix from trixbox

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Recently I have switched from trixbox to Elastix, and there is quite a difference. They both support features like call recording, time groups, ring groups, voicemail, IVRs, call history, dial-patterns, etc. A big difference is that Elastix supports fax, so you can send faxes with a program called WinprintHylafax or JHylaFAX. You can also receive faxes by having a .pdf document emailed to any address. It also has an IM server that supports many different clients, so it would be easy to create a secure chat for your company. Another big feature Elastix has over trixbox is that it has RoundCube Webmail. This is great if your company does not currently have a solution for email.

Some other things that Elastix offers are an address book where you can initiate calls just by clicking on the number that you want to call, speech synthesis for converting text to speech, business tracking solutions vTigerCRM and SugarCRM, integrated echo canceler, and support for calling cards.  These are all features that trixbox does not have and not only that but Elastix is just more user friendly and polished.

I will delve deeper into Elastix in later posts. So if you want to learn how to setup faxing or block anonymous calls then check back here.

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